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In 2004, Sebastiano embarked on a journey to discover the secrets of Italian cuisine. Together with a friend, he traveled all over the beautiful Mediterranean land, tasting Italy’s iconic recipes.

Years later, all the experiences and memories from this journey, combined and mixed together, inspired Sebastiano to create Mixto Cucina Italiana in 2005.

A mix ofExperiences


“The motivation behind the creation of Mixto was to bring home, in the very heart of München, the authentic Italian recipes made from only high-quality ingredients and the real Italian hospitality and atmosphere.

Today, Mixto Cucina is visited daily by hundreds of guests seeking to experience the tasteful dishes cooked with passion and love and indulge in some of Italy’s finest: stone-baked pizza, homemade pasta, meat and fish specialties, and the traditional Pinsa Romana. We recently added a new range of vegan dishes, so now our menu offers both the traditional Italian recipes alongside a range of vegetarian and vegan options.”

Sebastiano, OWNER

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